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ACAOSA is the old students Association of Anwar-Ul Islam Model College, Agege, Lagos Nigeria

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                      ACAOSA-UK donates PCs, Laptops and Broadband Internet to the College






Students of Anwar-ul Islam Model College, Agege resumed back from the Eid-Mubarak holiday in December 2009 and discovered that the school library has been fitted with ten Compaq PCs together with high speed broadband Internet. The PCs were also fitted with high resolution web-cam and headsets for messenger and social networking capability.

Students rushed straight to the library on the news of the new addition to the library. The excitement and appreciation was visible on their faces as they swarmed round the PCs trying them out for the first time. The librarian, Miss Giin had a very busy morning showing students on how to get grip with the new technology. Miss Giin said “the library is usually quiet and deserted because there was nothing here that interest the students, but now, they are always here surfing the internet”

CommissioningICT Project commissioning ceremony by: Alhaji Pedro Lawal


Students chatting online in the library


Lib with nove                                                                    
















College IT room gets internet-ready PCs

The IT room at the College  benefited from internet-ready PCs donated to the College by the UK branch of ACAOSA. Ten PCs were installed along the wall to replace the old and failing PCs in the room. The PCs are all connected to the Internet through a 3Com Gigabyte switch on a LAN network

An additional internet-ready PC was setup for the librarian to manage borrowings and returns. A library software was installed on the PC to catalogue all the books in the library. The PCs and broadband internet in the library is backed up with a 5.5KW petrol generator to provide continuous electrical supply during power cut.

All the PCs were pre-installed with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and other necessary software/applications to aid curriculum learning. The IT trainer said “this is a big step forward for the College; they can now work with an up-to-date and reliable PCs" The projector and mobile screen that were also donated by ACAOSA-UK was installed at the front of the classroom for PowerPoint presentation during lessons.



Adedo donates novels to the College library

A new section for novels was created in the library and dedicated to the donor. Mr Adedo promised that he will donate more novels in the near future to fill the newly created section.

Students of Anwar-ul Islam Model College, Agege now have the opportunity to book out novels from the college library, thanks to Mr Adekunle Adedo, a member of the ACAOSA-UK branch. The novels which numbers up-to fifty in total cut across many categories including love stories, adventures, wars etc.


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