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ACAOSA is the old students Association of Anwar-Ul Islam Model College, Agege, Lagos Nigeria

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                              ACAOSA UK History

Early years…..

From the late 70s, old students of Ahmadiyya College, Agege (now known as Anwar-ul-Islam College) had many liaisons, but mainly of an ad-hoc social orientation. The formation of an old student association in the UK developed out of a tragic event in July 1991. That year we lost two of our prominent colleagues in the persons of Alhaji Mujeeb Mumuni and Alhaji Rafiu Olanrewaju (Gasper Jnr) in the Hajj plane disaster. The event led to a small gathering where we prayed for their souls and raised funds for the families of the deceased. In March 1992, the first round table meeting was held with the main agenda being the feedback on the disbursement of the money raised. Members present at this meeting and who are still actively involved with the association in 2006 are Dayo Abioye, Shalewa Balogun, Adilu Bello, Amisu Daodu, Jibola Dodo-Williams, Dapo Olubiyi, and Jide Oluwa. In April 1992, the first Caretaker committee was selected to run the affairs of the association. This marked the beginning of the association. That committee consisted of Kabir Ogunbunmi, Gabriel Okorogheye, Jide Oluwa, Folarin Oshinusi with Jibola Dodo-Williams as the Overseer. The association ran in this form until mid 1994 when activities of the association stalled through lack lustre participation by members.

 Re-engineering process…..

In late 1994, the association was re-launched after members were hosted to a buffet dinner by Professor Sheriff Adetoro, an old student who was at that time returning to Nigeria after a posting in the UK. The attendance at the dinner was encouraging and it was decided to recommence the monthly meeting in November 1994. A constitution committee was appointed to speed up the formalisation of the association and an interim committee, with Alhaji Jide Oluwa as the Interim President, Dr Tokunboh Ogunfemi as the Interim Scribe and Jibola Dodo-Williams as the Interim Treasurer, were appointed. The first Executive Officers of the Association were elected in November 1995 and consisted of: 

        Alhaji Jide Oluwa            -           President

        Dapo Olubiyi                   -           Secretary

        Wakeel Abiodun Noibi    -           Assistant Secretary

        Jibola Dodo-Williams      -           Treasurer

        Steve Bayo Ogunfemi      -           Social Secretary 

We hosted out first major event in 1996; a fundraiser in support of our Bus project. The event was a major success and has spurred on the Association’s heights, focus and awareness from there on in.

 A force in the new millennium…….

After a cautious start, ACAOSA UK is now forging ahead with more active participation by all members. This is confirmed by the fact that the first two elected Presidents of the association, Alhaji Olajide Oluwa (1995-2001) and Mr Adekunle Adedo (2001-2003) only went through Higher School Certificate programme in the school but their commitments have been up there with others.  ACAOSA UK has established a strong affiliation with both the National body and the United States chapter. ACAOSA UK has a vision for continued growth in membership while focussing on consolidating and energizing the existing core membership. 

ACAOSA UK has been able to fulfil its objective of supporting the school through the IT project and the Bus project amongst other key contributions towards the Alma Mater. As well as members financial and manpower contributions, we owe the fulfilment of these projects to public contributions through our many fund raising activities. We also have other projects in the pipeline. In addition, ACAOSA UK supports family social events.  

ACAOSA UK has grown up to be a family orientated association with sound strategy on meeting its commitments towards the school and members family. The buzz word is “PAYBACK”. PAYBACK to the school for its immense contribution during the formative years of our members; PAYBACK to members and their families for their on-going support of the association and PAYBACK to the community for responding to our many funds raising activities. ACAOSA UK is flourishing and we thank GOD for his support.
























Contact: ACAOSA UK. PO Box 356 Enfield Middlesex EN1 3HB. Email:

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